Papers must be submitted on the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere and are not currently under consideration by another journal. The submitting author is responsible for ensuring that the article’s publication has been approved by all the co-authors.

JBBR will not consider papers that include preliminary results or that do not comply with its scope and aims. Questions about these guidelines can be addressed to the editor in chief.


The language of submission and publication is English and Spanish. The abstract in both languages and the other sections can be written in English or Spanish.


Peer Review

All manuscripts are subjected to peer review and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. If approved by the editor, submissions will be considered by peer-reviewers, whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors.



Misappropriating another person's intellectual property constitutes plagiarism. This includes copying sentences or paragraphs verbatim from someone else's work, even if the original work is cited in the references.


Image manipulation

Submitted figures must reflect original data.

Fabrication, manipulation, and falsification of data

Fabrication, manipulation, and falsification of data constitute misconduct.


Conflict of interest

All financial and non-financial competing interests must be declared by all authors.



JBBR requires all authors to sign a copyright transfer agreement.


Ethics approval of human or animal samples in research

Manuscripts reporting studies involving human or animal experimentation have to: a) include a statement on bioethics approval and an informed consent document, if applicable, b) include the name of the bioethics committee that approved the study and the committee’s reference number if appropriate.

Categories of papers 

The following categories of papers are acceptable for publication in JBBR:

 a. Research article
 b. Review
 c. Short communication
 d. Meta-analyses
 e. Case studies
 f.Proceedings (full-length papers of congress) in supplements